Presenting Poirier’s On The River

Scott and Jolene Poirier (Pronounced Por-Yay) have a passion for entertaining, service and cooking. Scott was born and raised in Louisiana and has a talent for cooking Cajun style. Poirier’s on the River, Formerly Trumpeter Public House, now has Cajun menu offerings in addition to the favorite American Traditional dishes that our customers know and love!

Our Menu

We offer a Cajun/Creole menu in addition to the favorite American Traditional dishes that our customers know and love!

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The Restaurant

Poirier’s On The River brings a fresh concept to the waterfront of old downtown Mount Vernon.

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Waitlist & Reservations

The waitlist will be opened when no reservations are available for the guests preferred time.

Happy Hour

Tuesday – Friday, from 2-5 p.m.
$2.00 off Pints, Wines by the glass & Liquors.
$18 Micro Pitchers, $21 Import Pitchers
$2.00 off Appetizers

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Seven Nations – Origins of Creole Cuisine

The seven nations – the Native American, French, Spanish, German, English, African and Italian – were the most significant contributors in the multi-cultural cuisine that we call Creole.

Numerous people settled in Louisiana from the above nations as well as others. They came from all nations, in great numbers and small. Many were fishermen and farmers from the old country and took up those roles here. All these cultures and more joined the Native Americans, it was not long before these cultures intermarried.

A term was created to describe the children of these intermarriages who were born on Louisiana soil: Creole. The term "Creole" is believed to have derived from the Latin word “creare” meaning “to create.” Originating in the Western Hemisphere, the term “Creole” was used about 1590 by Father de Acosta, a Spanish priest, to distinguish newborn West Indies children from everyone else. Eventually, it was used to describe everything in Louisiana, from cuisine to furniture; even the state itself became known as the “Creole State.”

Numerous writers and historians over the years tried diligently to define "Creole." Today, with 300 years of their vision and expertise, we now know and can clearly debate that Creole is defined as anyone born on Louisiana soil from the intermarriage of the Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans, who contributed significantly to the culture and cuisine of Louisiana. The key word here is “significantly.” Even though many important cultures still seek refuge on our rich shores today, it was the original seven nations that significantly impacted our way of life, language, food, customs, music and even the stories we tell, which are considered Creole.

Worldclass Spirits

18 premium imports on tap, the finest whiskeys, bournbons & scotches, and a wine selection to boot.

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Dine in Hours

11:30 am. - Last seating 8 pm.
Closed at 9pm.
11:30 am. - Last seating 9 pm.
Closed at 10 pm.
SUN & MON: Closed